Why can’t you let me go 

Haven’t you done enough 

Are you not satisfied with ruining my life 

Shattering all my trust 


Day after day 

I am beaten and defeated 

All because I made a choice 

From that my life has been cheated 


Leave me alone 

I have no more blood to spill 

Or is that you final wish 

Close in for the final kill 


If I would have known you were like this 

I would have stopped this before the start 

Yet I lost judgement of my instincts 

And let you in my heart 


You have used and abused me 

Left me dead upon the floor 

Why do you choose to torture me 

Why insist on taking more 


One day I will get past you 

I hope that it comes fast 

Before your infatuation due needs paid 

And I breathe my final gasp 

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