Just the thing I needed for my forlorn soul today.

Sayer Teller

Once upon a time, you were born.

You began to learn of the world.

People told you who you were and what to believe.

Some stories you began to repeat to yourself.

Over and over again, until you became… You.

Who are you now?

Is this “you” permanent?

If not, then who are you, really?

You look around, you see many like you.

Perhaps you see many unlike you.

Are you similar?

Or are you special?

Can you be both?

Who made you laugh?

Who held your hand?

Who hurt you?

What happened to you?

Why are you followed by these things?

What if you were to confront yourself?

Can this “you” die before dying?

A possibility of renewal.

But are new stories told for the sake of lies?

Are they told simply to escape pain?

Are they told simply for pleasure?

Or are they told for redemption?

Are they…

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