I am kicking off July by accepting Tammy’s challenge over at So without further delay, lets begin with the random number Alexa has given me of 21.

Today’s question: Whom would you invite to an imaginary luncheon, and why?

Without a doubt, I would go with the person I would most like to get to know better. She is a friend of mine from work, who, like me, has some struggles with life. We both have big hearts and care probably a bit to much about what other people have to say, when they see us chatting casually as one or the other happens by.

I would love to know more about the details of her story, how life was as the little sister, how she felt about life growing up, and hearing about how life went sideways in marriage as well. We both share that sad tragedy as well, and are managing the best we can. One could say that I must be doing well as I did get remarried, but yet there are times when I wonder if I did so out of sense of security, versus challenging the ideals of what a deeper relationship could be.

I would want to know her story if she would so wish to tell it, and possibly become the best friend she ever had. Not to just be some blind champion of her station, but an advocate for finding what she need to enjoy life as well. It is the one thing I wish for all people to be honest. I might not be the best facilitator of results, but i can encourage a mindset to place one into a position to succeed if they desired to.

It would be fun to discuss the deeper things, into our faith and beliefs we hold most resolute. And also to understand another’s point of view as well. There are so many trials and tribulations for everyone to bear, and learning how people have previously experienced things, can help protect for a better future.

So many things I would like to ask about and say from my experience as well. She is a fun, courageous, loving person, that I would definitely enjoy the chance to explore.

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