I am sorry that things did not turn how we wanted
I am sorry that I have nothing left in which I can fight
For too long we both denied the truth
We both need to move on with what is right
Never should we have entertained an easy fix
It is something we separately feared from the start
The hurt we share with a simple, “I love you”
When you know it isn’t from my heart
With this I am the villain
Pulling the wool over our eyes
Hoping to build a house of cards to last
No, just someone you may despise
You always said you loved me more
I never wanted to admit you were right
I want you to receive the love that you give
Not this person who will not fight
So this is my final goodbye
For me you can cry your last tears
I am merely the friend who failed at love
But it is what I want you to find my dear

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