Chester lays out the crushing awareness of realizing how far you have slipped from being who you need to be just to be with someone.  Everyone has a breaking point, and Numb is the crossroads in realizing you are at that place.

A good song about someone who has someone in their life, but they have absolutely no want or desire for them in return.  Interesting paradigm I discovered on this song as well, as in the last chorus when the phrasing changes from He to I, in that this could also be reflective of one’s own self, and how you forgotten how to be your own friend. 

This song literally was the breakup song for 98% of all relations when it came out in 1992.  An expose in the raw rage and pure anger of a bad break up taken to the extreme.  I hope these guys sought counselling at some point.

Back when Gwen Stefani was still pseudo-punk, her and her mates cranked out one of the best break up songs I think of all time.  The pain of not wanting to talk because you feel all your hopes and dreams bleeding out into the floor.  Agony!

Channeling pure male sadness and expectations in that men should not show emotions.  Pleading to the heavens for rain to hide the stains on his face, does it get any worse for men?  I am glad that this standard has started changing over the years because I for one, never could hide my emotions.  For the record, I was introduced to this song in the 90s by the band Little Caesar ( and I am including that version as well.

While not directly saying ‘crap or get off the can’, it does capture the anxiety of feeling like you are trapped in Limbo.  From personal experience I know how frustrating that is, to the point it is one of my greatest mistakes in flat out asking someone to make that decision.  I should have done it on my own and just been done.  If you love something set it free right?  Oh, and fun fact, I didn’t realize until making this list that originally this song was by Doris Day (

With thanks for inspiration from the lovely Megan O’Keeffe at

One thought on “April Playlist – Counter Crushes

  1. I like Doubt Speak by No Doubt. One of my favorites back in the 90’s.
    By the way, I am new in blogging and just recently, I made a challenge on myself to visit at least 10 blogs everyday for the next 21 days. In each visit, I will leave comment on it and put the link on my blog as well. Hope you can support me on this by visiting my blog too.
    I followed your blog too.


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