Time has clouded our meeting that day
Of Providence due to situation
Yet this did not preview
What would become after initial salutations

Time moved slowly
Each of us telling our tales
How in life we have succeeded
Also, the times we have failed

I’ve listened to your heart
Fallen for how resolute it beats
Stricken at times with admiration
For in you is a woman complete

You have such drive and determination
Your heart is so strong
Even when you have a setback
Know it will never last too long

You are such a kind listener
Your counsel is one I can trust
Because judging is not something you jump to
For your compassion is fair and just

You are a person I strive to emulate
You inspire me to be more
Just know I want to be there with you
No matter what is in store

I have fallen in love with every part of you
The good, bad, ugly, beautiful, dark, and divine
You possess one of the greatest things on earth
A soul that has touched mine

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