From My View

Time has clouded our meeting that day
Of Providence due to situation
Yet this did not preview
What would become after initial salutations

Time moved slowly
Each of us telling our tales
How in life we have succeeded
Also, the times we have failed

I’ve listened to your heart
Fallen for how resolute it beats
Stricken at times with admiration
For in you is a woman complete

You have such drive and determination
Your heart is so strong
Even when you have a setback
Know it will never last too long

You are such a kind listener
Your counsel is one I can trust
Because judging is not something you jump to
For your compassion is fair and just

You are a person I strive to emulate
You inspire me to be more
Just know I want to be there with you
No matter what is in store

I have fallen in love with every part of you
The good, bad, ugly, beautiful, dark, and divine
You possess one of the greatest things on earth
A soul that has touched mine

Visions of Worth

 My dreams are so vivid
I feel them even now
Deny in them I cannot
Only need to figure out how

I recall the feeling of warmth
Your hair on my shoulder
Trusting me in your quiet sighs
Safe feelings of slumber take over

I can picture every detail
You lying there in my arms
Knowing with no doubt in my heart
I will protect you from harm

I feel your breathing
Your body as it slowly melts into mine
Enjoying our rest of the evening
Until we wake my sunshine

Balance to the Ledger

 Do you want as I do
All of the good
All of the bad
For if we dance again
I can’t hold back anything
I will bare my soul to you
My hopes
I want you to know everything
Even the ugly parts
I need to share it all and not hold back
No hiding
No secrets
Hopefully after all of that you will still want


I don’t know if you will see this

But I hope and pray that you do

I’m sorry you are suffering

I am hear to listen to you

I wish I could have got there sooner

Just to give you my hand

Because I know your heart is breaking

I feel what you do my friend

Please I hope somehow you hear this

Either through a message or a phone

Know we are waiting for you with love

Desperate for you to come home

Who Are You In Your Story?

Just the thing I needed for my forlorn soul today.

Sayer Teller

Once upon a time, you were born.

You began to learn of the world.

People told you who you were and what to believe.

Some stories you began to repeat to yourself.

Over and over again, until you became… You.

Who are you now?

Is this “you” permanent?

If not, then who are you, really?

You look around, you see many like you.

Perhaps you see many unlike you.

Are you similar?

Or are you special?

Can you be both?

Who made you laugh?

Who held your hand?

Who hurt you?

What happened to you?

Why are you followed by these things?

What if you were to confront yourself?

Can this “you” die before dying?

A possibility of renewal.

But are new stories told for the sake of lies?

Are they told simply to escape pain?

Are they told simply for pleasure?

Or are they told for redemption?

Are they…

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Heh, 12 years later, this list is almost the same

Jan 3, 2007, via my OLD myspace account


Current mood: contemplative

Here are some things I want to accomplish in the new year in no specific order:

1.  Become a better friend

2.  Become a better husband

3.  Become a better father

4.  Lose weight

5.  Lose emotional garbage

6.  Find my inner smile that everyone keeps telling me that they miss

7.  Become passionate about my life and where it is headed

8.  Become financially independant

9.  Take a risk (that hopefully will not spoil 8)

10.  Finish the back yard project

11.  Remodel the front yard

12.  Refinish the computer room

13.  Take time to enjoy the roses