Taste of Fragrance

Scenes from a dream
Sometimes become reality
Of a future unhappened
wrapped in uncertainty
Two of us becoming close
Taking in each other’s secrets
Trust blossoming between us
A relation that we will never regret
Looking into each other’s eyes
Laying just moments away
Feelings of love and affection
Growing stronger with each word we say
I do not remember who moved first
When we finally embraced
Bodies drawing closer
Bringing us face to face
Gazing deeply into each other’s eyes
With a flame not seen before
A slight gasp falls from my lips
Involuntarily admitting I want more
I reach up slowly
Part the hair away from your face
Taking in every minute detail of the moment
Etching each moment with grace
You bring yourself to me
Your lips touching mine
Twin souls blazing together
Forging a connection divine
It was just a mere moment
But I felt that time stopped for hours
We gave each other the chance
To enjoy our wildflowers

Something in the Coffee

I hope that you never notice
While you are sitting there
Deep within conversation
Sharing thoughts on how we feel and care
Yet instantaneous moments
The view of you that strikes my eyes
Capturing just simple perfection
For me to seal within the depths of my mind
It endearing how you laugh at me
When I point out your beauty
Rolling your eyes and laughing at my strange belief
Oh my friend you are that picturesque
I will relish in receiving your grief
Oh these are sweet touching moments
Times that I love to spend
Leaving me in breathless wonder
Pondering the quiet beauty of my friend

Hazel Touched Reverie

 If only you could see yourself
The way you should be seen
You are much more than your pretty face
Those intoxicating eyes of green
You are so much more than your figure
Which anyone will adore
You are much more than your hair style
You could let it fall to the floor
So much of you it radiates
From the brilliant soul within
How you care for everything
How you want all others first to win
I knew the first day I saw you
Even then I drowned in your eyes
Then the day I met you
Blessed to know the woman inside
It has been a slow walk together
Cautious we became friends
Slowly sharing our hopes and dreams
Sadness over life’s end
I wish I could show you
How much you are my dear
You are so much more than a broken soul
One in which others demean and fear
In you I have found a spirit
One that blazes so pure and divine
One that touched me so deeply
I jealously wish you could be mine
But no I only offer friendship
It is the one thing I can share
If you wanted more than that
Well that question is for you to dare
I am blessed to be your friend
Know in your heart this is true
And I want for you what I always wanted
For you to be good with you