Nice for a little while

 I know it was only a dream
 Yet you must really understand
 How great it was to talk with you
 To go back to when we were best friends
 I know it was only a dream
 In the moments it felt so real
 Looking each other in the eyes
 Casting away the barriers in how we feel
 I know it was only a dream
 In being close enough to hold you again
 Being able to laugh and cry together
 Two broken hearts together learning to mend
 I know it was only a dream
 From it I am now awake
 Wondering if there is time yet for us
 Or if it is truly just too late
 It was only a dream

Taste of Fragrance

Scenes from a dream
Sometimes become reality
Of a future unhappened
wrapped in uncertainty
Two of us becoming close
Taking in each other’s secrets
Trust blossoming between us
A relation that we will never regret
Looking into each other’s eyes
Laying just moments away
Feelings of love and affection
Growing stronger with each word we say
I do not remember who moved first
When we finally embraced
Bodies drawing closer
Bringing us face to face
Gazing deeply into each other’s eyes
With a flame not seen before
A slight gasp falls from my lips
Involuntarily admitting I want more
I reach up slowly
Part the hair away from your face
Taking in every minute detail of the moment
Etching each moment with grace
You bring yourself to me
Your lips touching mine
Twin souls blazing together
Forging a connection divine
It was just a mere moment
But I felt that time stopped for hours
We gave each other the chance
To enjoy our wildflowers

My Growth into Release

Blindsided you say
So sudden and out of nowhere
I’ve rewound those words in my mind
Realizing with each and every pass
Just how much you didn’t know about me
How much you chose not to care or acknowledge
I feel we were friends
Ones that played a chance of falling in love
I see it so clearly now
You never wanted to see those deeper darker parts of me
You only wanted an affectionate shell
Something to show off
Something to possess
An existence
If you would have taken the time then
Spoke to me the flaws you chose to ignore
Maybe things could be different
Maybe we never would have shared this dance at all
I am not without fault as well
I should have spoken up too
Pleaded that the depths of my soul needed more
But I didn’t
I fell for a dream
I wanted to make you happy
Even if it meant sacrificing what I wanted
I dared that you would grow to want those parts of me too
We were wrong
Locked into patterns we traced before
Doomed to repeat the mistakes of old
A pair of lives we hoped to escape
But we didn’t
I honestly feel I tried
But my silence could not make you want to feel
My coldness made you long for what you really need
So we drifted apart
I can see this now
I admit there is sadness in this
A time shared one could see as wasted
But if we learn our lesson from this
Looking back it might be the most important time of our lives
Right now
It will feel bad to know that I love you
I am just not in love
I want you to be happy
I want you to be loved and cherished
Even if it isn’t with me
I love you so much I need to let you go
I only plead to your heart
Can you do the same for me?

Visions of Worth

 My dreams are so vivid
I feel them even now
Deny in them I cannot
Only need to figure out how

I recall the feeling of warmth
Your hair on my shoulder
Trusting me in your quiet sighs
Safe feelings of slumber take over

I can picture every detail
You lying there in my arms
Knowing with no doubt in my heart
I will protect you from harm

I feel your breathing
Your body as it slowly melts into mine
Enjoying our rest of the evening
Until we wake my sunshine

3 A.M.

What does it mean
When you invade my dreams
Playing out events
That may never be seen
Even though it's simple
Going for a walk
Listening to one another
Hearing us talk
Deeper understanding
Or just hopeful thinking
Either way I will take them
It so beats just drinking
A friend you shall have
It is what I wish to be
But know I will do whatever
You would have of me
Silent ear
Shoulder to cry on
Sanctuary to be had
Person to rely on
These things I offer you
And the heavens above
For the least I ever do
Is look at you with love

Accepting This

 It is only a thought in my head
How can it be trouble?
Giving breath to thoughts
A life to life

Imagining those first steps
Shyly waiting by the path
Waiting for you to come by

We meet
We walk
We talk
We understand
We touch

Not a simple interaction between two friends
Something more

I am still guarded
Unfairly waiting
For you to make that first move

We could shatter our expectations of life
We could damn our souls further to hell

It isn’t an easy choice
It isn’t fair

But life has brought us here
Just to the end of the gravel road
Waiting for our turn on the swings

31 Day Blogging Challenge


I am kicking off July by accepting Tammy’s challenge over at So without further delay, lets begin with the random number Alexa has given me of 21.

Today’s question: Whom would you invite to an imaginary luncheon, and why?

Without a doubt, I would go with the person I would most like to get to know better. She is a friend of mine from work, who, like me, has some struggles with life. We both have big hearts and care probably a bit to much about what other people have to say, when they see us chatting casually as one or the other happens by.

I would love to know more about the details of her story, how life was as the little sister, how she felt about life growing up, and hearing about how life went sideways in marriage as well. We both share that sad tragedy as well, and are managing the best we can. One could say that I must be doing well as I did get remarried, but yet there are times when I wonder if I did so out of sense of security, versus challenging the ideals of what a deeper relationship could be.

I would want to know her story if she would so wish to tell it, and possibly become the best friend she ever had. Not to just be some blind champion of her station, but an advocate for finding what she need to enjoy life as well. It is the one thing I wish for all people to be honest. I might not be the best facilitator of results, but i can encourage a mindset to place one into a position to succeed if they desired to.

It would be fun to discuss the deeper things, into our faith and beliefs we hold most resolute. And also to understand another’s point of view as well. There are so many trials and tribulations for everyone to bear, and learning how people have previously experienced things, can help protect for a better future.

So many things I would like to ask about and say from my experience as well. She is a fun, courageous, loving person, that I would definitely enjoy the chance to explore.