Taste of Fragrance

Scenes from a dream
Sometimes become reality
Of a future unhappened
wrapped in uncertainty
Two of us becoming close
Taking in each other’s secrets
Trust blossoming between us
A relation that we will never regret
Looking into each other’s eyes
Laying just moments away
Feelings of love and affection
Growing stronger with each word we say
I do not remember who moved first
When we finally embraced
Bodies drawing closer
Bringing us face to face
Gazing deeply into each other’s eyes
With a flame not seen before
A slight gasp falls from my lips
Involuntarily admitting I want more
I reach up slowly
Part the hair away from your face
Taking in every minute detail of the moment
Etching each moment with grace
You bring yourself to me
Your lips touching mine
Twin souls blazing together
Forging a connection divine
It was just a mere moment
But I felt that time stopped for hours
We gave each other the chance
To enjoy our wildflowers

Work In Progress

Please forgive me
I still don’t understand
Why I live this way
Is it part of a plan
I try everyday
To do what feels right
Why then is it
I sob and cry at night
I try to make good choices
To be a good man
Yet this all leaves me empty inside
Like a used-up tin can
All I can do
Is to keep working to be better
So this isn’t my last story
Or a blood-stained letter
One foot in front of the next
Just a step at a time
Looking towards the day
When I will enjoy the sunshine

Day 2 of the 31 day challenge


Continuing today with the random number Alexa has given me of 5.

Today’s question: List & draw things that make you happy.

Okay, since I am hitting this a little later in the day, plus my graphic skills are sorely lacking, I am just going to make up a quick list of things that make me happy.

  1. My family and friends. I would not trade them for the world, and totally dig when I get to add more of either.  Fun fact, I was adopted, and discovered my birth mother recently.  We have been in contact and have been catching up on how our lives are, including the fact I now have three half sisters too!
  2. I severely doubt that I would have the will to go on some days without a song to either inspire and uplift, or worsen a bad mood to help burn negative emotions out.  Music is the bees knees.
  3. Yes, they are more than meets the eye, and yes, I have loved them since they first came out.
  4. Good comic books.
  5. Good books in general.
  6. Building things.
  7. The acknowledgement of others that they appreciate my help.
  8. A good deep conversation getting to know someone’s hopes, dreams, and fears.
  9. A Cuban cigar and some fine scotchy scotch scotch.

So yeah, that is a quick hit list of goodies, and a small insight into me.

Hope you all enjoy some of these things too, and if not, its okay!  I like seeing what other peeps are into too!